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What is the process?

Canal Garage Boroughbridge is one of a few garages in the area who offer full vehicle diagnostic services to all makes and models of vehicles. This service includes the use of a diagnostic computerised tool to read any warnings lights and problems your vehicle may be experiencing. This software tells us where the problem is located in order to be fixed.

A range of problems associated with the petrol tank, exhaust system, transmission, engine, ABS and any other general warning lights that appear on your dashboard.

Diagnostic Warning

Diagnostic Systems

for all vehicle makes and models
Canal Garage Boroughbridge is one of a few garages in the area who offer full vehicle diagnostic services to all makes and models of vehicles


How we work

One of the most common jobs we carry out in the workshop is to diagnose faults indicated by warning lights illuminated on the dashboard. These faults are mainly engine control unit faults (ECU) but can also be caused by the anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic stability program (ESP), supplemental restraint system (SRS), or more recently tyre pressure monitoring (TPMS) and diesel particulate filter faults.

Once we have a vehicle in the workshop with a warning light it is necessary to use a diagnostic scan tool so that an error code of the fault, along with a brief description and vehicle engine data from when the fault occurred can be read. This is important especially if the fault is intermittent.

We have diagnostic scan tools with the latest up to date software from leading manufactures Bosch, G-Scan, Snap-on, Launch,, & Lexia. Each tool is developed with coverage for certain vehicle manufactures allowing us to select the appropriate tool for communicating with most makes of vehicle.

The common misconception is that once the error code is retrieved the fault can be rectified. This in most cases would lead to the unnecessary replacement of parts that are working correctly. The error code will normally indicate the area of the fault but experience of faults is also required. Vehicle diagnostics were reasonably simple in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s and have become more complicated over time. We have developed our knowledge and skills detecting faults with the ever-changing technology. This means we diagnose and test components accurately, ensuring only those parts that require replacing are replaced. With the increasing cost of components this is the correct and most cost-effective way of repairing vehicle faults.


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